Long Term Healthcare Cost Survey – A Mission to Create Awareness for healthcare cost in Singapore

Do you have family members who have disabilities whom you need to support and care for? The care giving journey is often an unprepared one and caregivers need all the help which they can get in this difficult time. I’m embarking on a mission to create awareness of the difficulties which caregivers face especially when it comes to the long term financial cost involved.

If you or someone you know is caring and supporting a family member with disabilities, do help to do this survey which I will use the result in a blog post. This will create awareness on the difficulties faced by the family members. I also hope to gain the attention of the relevant government authorities so that better care support policies can be implemented. You can help to make a difference by doing the survey here:

Previously I sent out an email to my readers on this survey but realised that the survey had errors and could not be submitted. For those who tried to submit previously but could not, please try again as I’ve edited and tested the survey to be working now.

Feel free to share this survey to your friends and family members too! Thank you for your time!