Far East Hospitality Trust 2Q 2017 Financial Results – Review & Action

Far East Hospitality Trust just released their financial results last Friday and I thought it would be good to do a quick update since I’ve been writing a lot on the hospitality industry as an investment opportunity.

Net property income still decreased by -6% in 2Q 2017 as compared to 2Q 2016. However, this is a smaller decrease compared to the 1Q decrease of -10.4%. Average hotel occupancy was 87.1% in 2Q as compared to 88.1% in 1Q. Comparing year on year, occupancy increased 1.9%. RevPAR remains stable at $134 which is a good sign that it has bottomed out. Comparing year on year, RevPAR decreased -4.6% in 1Q while it decreased -1.3% in 2Q. This is a smaller decrease which is again a good sign that RevPAR is bottoming.


In summary, hotel occupancy has increased by 1% for the 1H of 2017 while serviced residence has decreased by -8.7%. RevPAR still remains low but shows signs of bottoming out. Far East Htrust portfolio consists of 64.8% hotels, 12.9% serviced residences and 22.3% commercial which contributes to its gross revenue. From the time I invested in this stock, the stock price has gone up by 10% and I’ve divested a portion of my investment in this stock at 0.67. It is still trading at a PB of 0.74 which represents a discount to NAV of 26%. The dividend yield at current price is about 6.24%. The reason for divesting it is to lock in some gains first while monitoring it for any other upside.

I also did a check on one of its competitors, Frasers Hospitality Trust and looked at its Singapore properties portfolio. I noticed that Frasers Htrust Singapore properties registered a higher RevPAR for both its properties. It is an impressive gain of 4.1% Y-Y.  For all its other countries portfolio, the gross operating profit also increased. Frasers Htrust will be the next investment opportunity I’ll be looking at. However, it’s trading at a PB of 0.99 and dividend yield of 6.53%. It seems to be at a fair price currently so if we want to invest now, there may be limited upside. I shall monitor and keep it in my watchlist for any good entry points.

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